Tablatures Tablatures 2.16

Tablatures 2.16 has just been released on the Mac App Store.

This version improves rendering of barline numbers, not counting those bars that don’t have notes nor rests. Also, it fixes a case where repeated bars were not handled correctly during MIDI playback.

icon64 Soundwaves 1.8

Soundwaves 1.8 is being published on the App Store.

This version adds a couple of new features:

  • Random Playlist: choose how many songs you’d like to listen to and let the server do the hard work of picking them :)
  • SSL certificate validation can optionally be disabled, on a per-server basis, so that you can use your own self-signed cert. Installing your cert on your device is a safer solution to this problem, but it’s a bit trickier.

icon64 Soundwaves 1.7

Soundwaves 1.7 is now available on the App Store.

This version includes iPhone support!

Soundwaves on iPhone 6

(do I hear a “Finally!”? ;-) )

Soundwaves on the App Store

Tablatures Black Friday deal for Tablatures

Hey, did you know that Tablatures is on sale today? :)

If you’re still using a 1.x version, don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade.

Head to the Mac App Store right now!

The offer ends tomorrow at midnight.

icon64 Soundwaves 1.6

Soundwaves is a neat client for the Subsonic music server.

Soundwaves focuses on simplicity, making it the ideal client to connect your iPad to your home theater setup.

Soundwaves on the App Store