Falling Hex Falling Hex

I’m happy to announce that Falling Hex has just been published on the Mac App Store.

Falling Hex is a falling block arcade puzzle. You’ve probably seen many of the kind, but probably none of them have so many sides. ;)

Playing Falling Hex

Head to the Mac App Store and start playing!

3Doku 3Doku Free for iPad

3Doku for iPad is now also available as a free, ad-supported version.

Visit the App Store now to get your 3Doku Free and start exercising your logic skills. :-)

3Doku 3Doku 1.3 for iPad

An updated 3Doku for iPad has been released on the App Store.

This new version contains several changes:

  • Game Center support has been implemented: it’s time to challenge your friends!
  • A better look on iOS 7
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements here and there

Tablatures Tablatures 2.12.1

Tablatures 2.12.1 is now available on the Mac App Store.

This release contains a couple of improvements for those who need to edit scores with high and low melodies:

  • Improved rendering of low melody rests
  • Added a new configurable shortcut: “Delete Current Melody” (Shift + Backspace by default)

Pathle Pathle for iPhone and iPad

Pathle 1.0 has just been released on the App Store.

Pathle is a new puzzle game that will put your finger agility to the test.

The goal is to trace the predefined path with your finger, using a single stroke (never lift your finger once you start!), in as little time as possible. It might sound simple, but it will be challenging. :)

Hundreds of different levels are waiting for you to solve them!

Pathle for iPhone

Pathle on the App Store